From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 15:41:21 +1300

David Cake:

> >I don't think that the Zzaburites are inclined to self-
> >transformation and the reconciliation of natural opposites

> >IMO the Zzaburites are more Schopenhaueran in outlook, being
> >intent on developing their Will (i.e. the only "thing-in-
> >itself" that people can know).

> Its a more complex version of the same thing - various forces
>are at war within us all, we must reconcile these forces and
>subordinate them to Will.

This doesn't sound right. There's no forces that war within the Zzaburite, any such threat is represented by the nature or the external cosmos. The Zzaburite masters this by imposing order upon it, not by reconciling opposites within himself (which I feel is more appropriate for Lunars than for Malkioni).

>The Zzaburi
>mysticism is not separate to their sorcerous practice, so it will be
>tied in with a sorcerous conception of the otherworld, one with some
>superficial similarities to a Kaballah based one (or even more
>similarities to a later Western Esoteric tradition one that combines
>Kaballah, Tarot, and anything else they can fit in).

I have big qualms about this. Zzaburism is supposed to be all about the use of one's logical faculties whereas stating that it's similar (even superficially) to Kaballah or the Golden Dawn (both of which are anything but rational) undermines this philosophical basis.

> >IIRC Kaballah sees the cosmos in essentially human terms (ie
> >crown, head etc) which would be rather inappropriate for the
> >Zzaburi in general with their view of God as impersonal.

>Kaballah sees the forces of the cosmos as being reflected
>within the microcosm of the human, not the other way around.

Which makes little difference either way as the Cosmos is still conceived in essentially human terms.

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