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<< From: David Cake <> On different 'versions' of zzaburism:  

<< It changes plenty about how you would write a heroquest for  such a character, not to mention potentially changing the motivations  for such a character.

    Basically, is this character interested in spiritual  advancement, or just in controlling others.>>

I am not sure I follow this, surely they are both interested in 'spiritual' advancement (even if the world 'spiritual' has other connotations in Glorantha) but it is their methods of advancing that are different.

<<(FWIW - I think, in at least this respect, that Peter and I  are both right, both types exist and the terminology is confusing).>>

I have to agree with this statement. Surely no one would issue a census of all those who claim to be zzaburi and compile the reults so that we would know that 45% of zzaburi are mad scientists, 15% are kabbah-analogy bashers and the rest are don't knows. I think sorcerors are rarer, and more secretive, than that.

Peter Metcalfe:
>I don't understand the need to distinguish sorcery from mad


    I think this may be one of those barriers that is hard to  cross - I can't imagine why you would want to make sorcerers into  scientists.>>

I'm with the mad scientists on this one. I have read enough Fafhred and Gray Mouser stories to have encountered crazy guys in labs brewing up spells, I have even got a Clarke Ashton Smith book called 'Tales of Science and Sorcery' . Most S&S sorcerers are, IMO, more mad scientist than weird mystics. I guess this preference might be down to personal taste, but I would also classify Godlearners as Mad Scientists : "Mad! I who have discovered the secret of creating Deities and you call me mad!!"

Keith N

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