Sorcery for Elves

From: jean.paul.lhuillier <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 12:05:13 +0100

Hi everyone !

in the GD #121, Andrew BARTON said:

> IMG sorcery is totally incompatible with the connection to the forest that
> supports Elfsense. A Rootless elf could learn sorcery. It would be very
> hard, but not impossible - and it would make you a Renegade.
> The Dorastor book includes chaotic elves who are all sorcery users. I
> haven't decided whther to let them into my game.

Well, of course "Dorastor" was a very special case of "Elves using sorcery". They were Kraljki (if I remember well), thus touched by Chaos. And what Chaos touches, can change wildly. It can even permit *impossible* things, both physically, spiritually and mentally. Like opening the Aldryami's mind and perceptions to the world. What you say about the Elfsense (and the Aldryami's link to the Forest's Song/Aldrya - --like it has been said in past postings) is IMPOV very true though.

Plus --as all the heavy RQ users know-- is that RQ3 sorcery has always been used to shape and give tremendous power to the gloranthan Bad Guys. (Usually without much explanations given and with a loss to glorantha credibility). Plus giving elves sorcery, had an *exotic*, trendy feel.
Who, didn't use/abuse of sorcery to play Powergames ?

> One serious objection to allowing elven sorcerors in RQ3 is that they are
> extremely unbalancing. They can have free INT well above what is possible
> to any other race likely to be allowed to players, and an edge of even a
> few points of free INT gives huge advantages in a contest between
> sorcerors.

But perhaps this can be rationalised by saying that the mind-opening, twisting, forced by the Kraljki' cult, create a real affinity between the liberated Elf-mind and the technical arts imposed by Sorcery. Like a drug, or a mutation, a new gene ?

Anyway, this all purely RQ3's game simulation. This is purely technical. Not very much Glorantha ?

Could we get the opinion of Dorastor's authors ?

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