Vadrus - Shargash

From: Topi Pitkanen <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 15:59:31 +0200 (EET)

> Benedict Adamson

> IIRC, we have it on Gregly authority that determining whether
> two gods are 'really' the same is impossible.

I generally agree with that. I migth believe though that it could be possible to find out when two gods definitely aren't the same. "Yelm non est Dendara" could be an example...

I believe gods personally protest if they are enough upset by someone.

> Gloranthans can, however, come to believe it, convince others,
> and acquire magical ability or (divine) interventions
> based on the belief.

And isn't it so that most gloranthan religions have been affected by this? Lunars have been merging belief's all the time they have been around. Hon-Eel did great convincing the tarshites who the seventh mother really was.

How do new beliefs originate in glorantha? What were the revelations and reasonings behind frex Hon-Eels Ernalda scheme? Am I rigth suspecting that most changes in belief systems have been results of innovative heroquesting for some temporary problem, ie mythic warfare?  

> In HW terms, establishing that the two are the same requires a
> suitable heroquest ending with a Heroquest Challenge. Valare failed
> her Heroquest Challenge, as we know.

I'm afraid I dont know the necessary myths for suitable heroquest. My long term plan is to find out the myths - maybe to end up writing them.

Now I will really appreciate all hints and tips about Shargash and Vadrus. The more connections to 'real' gloranthan mythology I have the better.

BTW Is Green-Age magic especially potent in establishing sameness in glorantha?

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