Re: Heortling Cults in the Imperial Age:

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:44:32 EST

Bit of a new thread. I am after opinions about Heortling religion in Dragon Pass during the Imperial Age, at the height of the EWF. I am basically wondering what happened to cults like Ernalda, Lhankhor Mhy, Humakt, even Urox. Were they, in some way, assimilated with the prevalent Dragon thinking (as Orlanth was) or were they marginalised and suppressed, later to form the basis of the Old Day Traditionalists, OR were they essentially the same as they are 'today' even though Orlanth has gone all pro-scaley. It would seem odd to me if there were a Humakt Dragonfriend, for example, or an Earth Mother Dragon or some such. Lankhor Wyrm is kinda beleiveable but even there I have my doubts (those bearded priests were more influenced by the godlearners, IMO)

Keith N

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