Mostali Ahoy!

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:46:33 +0200 (EET)

I think it is safe to bet that Dormal's opening of the seas was one of the Pharao Belintars little projects. Now if Pharoah was involved we could assume that he had little help from his little friends from Gemborg. Martaler the Blazing Forge could tell us details, but I dont think he will. Anyway it takes lots of Mostali Diamond Perfection to succesfully hack through and then find or establish a backdoor on _any_ spell of ZzaBur's - allthough closing wasn't actually a spell, only a side effect of a bigger spell, if you believe the brithini - which might have made the task somewhat easier. Finally Dormal was given the pain of being the human tester of this mostali cheat. It worked like clockwork and so Dormal got famous and circumnavigated the Lozenge.

Yes, western sorcery and mostali magic are different, but I find it plausible to believe that brithini and mostali way to manipulate the immutable law are actually quite close to each other. They are both equally frustrating.

(FWIW I use RQ3 sorcery IMG as mostali magic and Sandysorcery with the rest)

PS. So far, I've liked "The Reinforced Concrete -theory" the best! Think how it adds the defenses of their allready impressive sea-fortresses. Imagine all the pissed off sea-serpents swarming around those floating citadels hitting their heads and tails time and time again against the stony hulls of the ships in vain effort of sinking them. Should scare the wolf-pirates away.

"Any worldwiew that isn't strange is automatically false."

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