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The Glorantha Digest wrote:

> Subject: Carmanian questions
> Greetings,
> This is my first posting here. I have been roleplaying

Greetings and welcome.

> 1.
> GittHW states that all Carmanian males are born into
> the Hazar caste, and if showing “the required talents
> [...] he may be chosen to become a Karmanoi [...]”.
> Later we are told that the only fiefholders are
> members of the Karmanoi. How, and by whom, is it
> decided whether someone is fit to become a Karmanoi or
> not? I am asking since this would have consequences
> for the laws of inheritance, and thus be of great
> economical and political importance. (“Darn, my only
> son didn’t meet the requirements. Now my fief will be
> given to Mr Smith’s debile son when I die.”)

IMO, land is not, officially, granted in perpetuity to a noble house. The Padishah gives it to somebody - thus making him a Karmanoi (or makes him a Karmanoi and thus having to give him land) - and when that person dies then the land reverts to the Padishah. In actual practise the land is traditionally given to the deceased's heir - which would necessitate making that heir a Karmanoi (heirs need not be the son, or the eldest son, but it has to be a male).

I also think that you have to be given a title (other than Knight/Hazar or Sir) and thus hold title to the land, rather than just being a tax farmer. So Barons, Dukes, Satraps, Siridars etc are Karmanoi. Anybody who has the power to give out those titles has the power to make a Karmanoi.

> I remember reading somewhere about a vampire kingdom
> in the Grey Mountains north of Carmania. Now I am

I also have heard this, and I am planing on using it in an upcoming campaign set among the Char-Un. I do not know what the source is.

Now, I know what kinds of flame these responses will draw - I even know who will be launching the majority of them and give advance notice that I am not going to be responding to those people.



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