Lunar Engineering

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 12:03:59 +1300

Gareth Martin:

>But on further inspection, there does not seem much precedent for
>arcchitectural or engineering expertise in the empire

The Roads of the Conquering Daughter. The star towers of Yuthuppa. The Bridge of Angels across the Oslir at Raibanth. The Bridge to Heaven at Glamour (piccie in the Glorantha: Intro p109). The Ziggurat of Yelm at Raibanth.

>- no architect or builder gods,

Iphigios who was responsible for the beautiful architecture of Jillaro. Hwarin Dalthippa is worshipped for the Roads.

>no mention of the marching camp-fort typical of Rome,

During Starbrow's revolt, the Lunars were camping near Larnste's Table despite the presence of a Sartarite army nearby. Implies some sort of fortifications.

>no mention of army engineers.

         "The Seven of Vistur built several long ramps from the ground
         to the wall [of Whitewall], and although they thought it would
         be easy, several hundred troops whose souls served as a power
         source died in supporting the deed".
                         KoS p149

In Fazzur's campaign that crushed starbrow's revolt (Wyrms Footprint), a Tarshite detachment of engineers and magicians is mentioned as building towers by the Marsh downriver of Aldachur. They then moved these towers on barges to the Sartar side of the camp.

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