Training the Fyrd

From: darvall <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:13:26 +1100

Benedict Adamson
>What's this nonsense about training the fyrd?
>The fyrd doesn't training. It assembles when necessary.
>Nobody tries to train it: not weaponthanes, not the chief.
>Whatever next? fyrd tactics?
>The fyrd is farmers with spears and shields.

Someone still has to show the farmer what to do with the pointy end. The mechanism is likely to be defacto rather than explicitly 'O.K. Fyrd from the right NUMBER'
And the Fyrd does have tactics. Developed & refined in constant raiding. Those who have'nt refined their tactics have become extinct. No They're not parade drill & Infantry Minor Tactics but they exists & each member is quite expert in them due to constant *real* use. Just as the Germanic tribes had tactics albeit ones so different to the Roman style that contempory writers could not recognise them.

>From quiet homes & first beginnings

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