Re: Training the fyrd

From: Graham Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 09:51:56 +0000 (GMT)

Benedict Adamson wrote :

> What's this nonsense about training the fyrd?
> The fyrd doesn't training. It assembles when necessary.
> Nobody tries to train it: not weaponthanes, not the chief.
> Whatever next? fyrd tactics?
> The fyrd is farmers with spears and shields.

Yes, but farmers who have some training in using the spears and shields. I agree that weaponthanes don't assemble them into lecture rooms, and explain the finer points of sticking the sharp bit in the enemy, and nor do they assemble for three hours of marching and drilling twice a week. However, they do get some one-on-one tution in a fairly haphazard manner. "Here, can you show me that trick you used in the last cattle raid?" "Sure, let me know next time your wife makes that stew of hers and I'll drop round."

Most training comes from two sources - the sort of competitions the Orlanthi like - which includes wrestling, fights with mock weapons, throwing things at a target, etc. - and cattle raids. Both provide lots of opportunity to fight with little chance of serious injury.


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