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<< But on further inspection, there does not seem much precedent for
 arcchitectural or engineering expertise in the empire>>

IMO they have replaced Roman style engineering and logistics with Lunar style coordinated magic and Dara Happan logistics.

 <<- no architect or
 builder gods,>>

Hon-Eel did a good job with her Daughters Roads - huge construction of a long, straight road. The Temples ofthe reaching Moon are impressive. Furthest was built to Lunar plans. The city of Jillaro is famous for its architectural beauty. The storming of Boldhome or Whitewall (or both I can;t remember) used Dwarf grappling hook devices (as did the Cradle episode IIRC). I don't know if caltrops count as engineering but they certainly use dthem against the Praxians.

<< no mention of the marching camp-fort typical of Rome, no
 mention of army engineers. So know I'm not so sure that the Lunar empire  has the necessary capacity for this sort of operation.>>

Tarsh War describes exactly such a setting.

 << Does anyone know if there is much precedent for field engineering by the Lunar military, or any
 such magics? If not, would there be room, for this in the existing  statements about the Lunars, and can another godcult be shoehorned in? >>

I would say there were precedents, even back to the Carmanian roots of the Empire, which, if we accept the Assyrian Analog of brutality and pragmatic military efficiency, then there are even more precedents.

Keith N

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