Imperial Heroes and Engineers

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:47:30 EST


The Empire has many heroes of the warrior type. However, as a percentage of population they are small compared to the Orlanthi. In absolute numbers they are overwhelming.

Sources for heroes:

(1). The Empire is a multicultural conglomerate. It has a plethora of cults,
warbands, herogroups and social traditions that create warriors. From Alkothi berserkers to Carmanian Knight Killers, to Avilry lancers to Sable War Khans. From Yelmgathan heroquesters to Dragon Killers.

(2). The Empire deliberately fosters heroic cults that give it strength. The
Empire also deliberately fosters internicine quarelling at the House level through Dart Competition and the Empire constantly sponsers Travellers and Journeyers to boost their skills and to explore the God world and Hero plane, often for military purposes.

(3). The Empire supports, nay demands bloodthirsty games of terrible
slaughter where only the mightiest survive. Some 3000 gladiators fight in Glamour alone. Those who survive earn not just freedom but a place in the Emperors Elites, a body of people who are individually deadly and perform special missions for the Emperor.

The caveat to all this is that these warrior heroes are rarely doing the same thing at the same time. The Empire has many foes and so many internal divisions that its elite warriors rarely see a barbarian, they are too busy dealing with each other.


Peter replied with thorough examples so I have nothing to add there. What I will say is that the Empire is certainly adept at engineering projects of significant scale. One only has to look at Glamour to see that. Also the Buseri are experts at engineering calculations. They have precise figures and formula for determining how long it takes to build a ramp of earth wide enough for 100 men to a height of 30 feet. Or any combination of that kind. Maths is the basis of engineering and the Empire has the men to do it and the resources to build it.

As for field fortifications. I think this depends on the units in the army. Some are adept at this but others are not. The Phalanxes are as they picked up this skill during the Anirestyu period of campaigining in Ralios. However the Lasadag Lions are utterly incapable of building a earthwork and would snooze if ordered to. Therefore, unlike the standardised Roman army, an Imperial army is a finely crafted combined arms group with a delicate balance of skills. In some cases specialists in some areas exist in only one or two regiments in the entire Imperial OB.

Martin Laurie

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