Magical healing among the orlanthi

From: Mikko Rintasaari <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 03:32:51 +0200

Stephen Tempest (a man with an excellent Orlanthi epiteth) asked:

> As this is my first post to the list, I'll start by saying hi to
> everyone.

Welcome Stephen!

> Next, a question. How common is minor magical healing in
> Glorantha, and specifically the Dragon Pass area?

In my game I draw inspiration for the Heortlings (especially Sartarites) from pre/early-viking age Finns. They had small (Kalevala style) poetic spellchants for every occasion. A rhyme to say when binding a wound from an iron weapon, another one for a wound from a bronze weapon. A spell for curdling milk, for fishing, lighting fires, helping childbirth...

I think the orlanthi are very superstitious (meaning they think there's magic in the everyday life) and have hundreads or thousands of such chants and poetic spells. Not all of them work, and all of them definitely don't work for everybody. But if you have some affinity with fire, then the firestarting rhyme (said while cradling a piece of kindling, or using a firedrill) will probably make a flame.

On this level many of my heortlings know spells to stop bleeding and parhaps to help wounds to heal and bones to mend (at normal healing speeds, but warding off infection and such likes).

For larger injuries my Gloranthans use your option 5.

> 5) Although he does not have healing magic as a devotee of Orlanth,
> he *is* a fully paid-up member of the Religion of Orlanth and Ernalda;
> so he can call on one of the other deities in the pantheon to heal him
> (in HW terms, with an improvisational modifier). "Great Orlanth,
> please help Your servant who was injured while fighting in Your name,
> by asking Your follower Chalana to come and heal my wounds."

I see it as asking Chalana Arroy directly, but as a devotee of Orlanth. "White Lady, Chalana who heals. Help this servant of Orlanth and heal my injury"

In RQ terms I let the devotees try for 1 point divine spell effects from the other lightbringers, for instance. In HW terms the orlanthi devotee propably won't manage to call for any major healing, but will be able to have small cut's mended, and at least stop the bleeding. For a larger injury... parhaps Chalana will make the nearest healer hear your call.  


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