Re: Training the fyrd

From: guy jobbins <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 02:28:11 -0800 (PST)

> > What's this nonsense about training the fyrd?
> > The fyrd doesn't training. It assembles when
> necessary.
> > Nobody tries to train it: not weaponthanes, not
> the chief.
> > Whatever next? fyrd tactics?
> >
> > The fyrd is farmers with spears and shields.

how many heortling clans have a fyrd that can stand in a shield wall? any, some, most? i'd guess that if your clan fyrd doesn't fight in a wall then training is a moot point - people show up, run at the enemy and jump up and down on them in a melee of one on one combats.

if, on the other hand, your clan fyrd fights in a shield wall then they are going to have to be trained.  it's not so much about marching about in a nice pretty line as learning to absorb the shock of a charge. also, because of the way shields overlap, one relies on the fyrdwoman to your right to defend your right side, whilst you defend the bloke to your left. this is not at all intuitive for people used to fighting alone, so they have to be trained for it.

i can't remember what the general opinion on the frequency of shield walls in orlanthi society is. in one game i ran years back the players went on a 'quest', joined a humakti subcult which taught the secret of shield wall fighting, established it in the clan, trained the fyrd, and consequently whupped their pesky raiding neighbours next time they came over the hill. instant kudos.

er, just my two dinars


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