Archaic explanations

From: Henrix <>
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 22:04:04 +0100

Simon Hibbs writes:
>One theory behind this is that iron was introduced by farming
>cultures, that colonised (well, pretty much invaded) Europe.
>Iron was the super-weapon that they (we) used to take the best land.
>The previous bronze age cultures became increasingly marginalised,
>untill they were either assimilated or wiped out like the picts.
>It was these short, funny-looking, non-iron-using aborigines, that
>had been driven out to the wild fringes of the known world, that
>may be behind the stories of faery folk.

Arrgh, archaic archaeological assumptions are abhorrent to the alumni!

That is to say, it is not exactly a state of the art theory, I fear ;-)

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