Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #144

From: Michael Hitchens <>
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 15:46:39 +1100 (EST)

> Michael Hitchens:
> > The Anglo-Saxon fyrd (I'm assuming the same term means some
> >relationship) was poorly disciplined - look at what at Hastings.
> After being subjected to repeated charges and feigned retreats
> as well as arrowfire for nigh on eight hours (one of the longest
> battles in those days), you consider it "poorly disciplined"
> because it broke ranks once in the mistaken impression that the
> Normans were well and truly done for? And that was on top of
> having marched to York to defeat the Vikings (whose King had
> fought for the disciplined Byzantines) there and back again.

No, I was referring to the wing that broke ranks early in the day and gave William the idea for the ruse that pulled in the other wing late in the day I (which is what you mention). And, AFAIK, it was only his housecarls that Harold brought down from the north. I think the fyrd that fought at Hastings was not the same men that fought at Stanford Bridge. But anyway, this is getting is well off topic.  

> In any event, arguments about the nature of the Fyrd's training
> by assuming that it uses similar tactics to RW equivalents are
> somewhat misplaced IMO. The Orlanthi have access to flying and
> movement magics which will make some difference on the
> battlefield.

More than somewhat misplaced. Dodgy at best would probably be better. Especially as the anglo-saxon fyrd did not stay static for the few hundred years of its existence.

However, I picture the Heortling fyrd as a group of moderately well trained individuals with little or no idea of acting as unit. Charge as a mob isn't awfully sophisticated. It's also interesting to note that a weaponthane has the same skill range as a hoplite. You'd have to assume that a carl has a skill less than a weaponthane, probably more than a cottar (pity they're not listed). Which means that even on an individual skill level the fyrd is worse than the lunar hoplite regiments. It may be roughly equal to the peltasts. But that's one on one. As soon as it's unit against unit you'd have to favour the Dara Happans/Lunars. Because I assume that the Lunar regulars would get far more *unit* training than the heortling fyrd. However, maybe we'll know more once TR etc get published.


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