Re: Archaic Explanations

From: Henrix <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 00:29:32 +0100

Sorry, Simon, I did not mean it to sound like that. My fingers just slipped on the keyboard and off went that snide mail. Sorry.

>Guess what the Alumni can go and take.

I can make an educated guess.....

>Any idea what the state of the art theory is?

Yes, fairly good ;-)

I have, by the way, a general idea that it usually takes nearly fifty years for accepted knowledge in one scholarly discipline to become accepted knowledge in another discipline. For example many archaelogists discuss anthropology or filology based on books written in the early sixties. This also seems to hold for other disciplines. And before the archaologist writes a popular book using this fifty year old knowledge, another decade or two passes. The book lies in a library for yet another couple of decades, and presto, we're back in the times of Frazer and his Golden Bough!

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