Re: eGroups

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 01:19:01 +0100

Glorantha Digesters :

> I'm personally against it. e-groups works well enough, but their archives
> are a pain - no way of getting a large bundle of old messages to read
> offline for example. Minor niggles.

Not so minor : I remember several occasions of having to catch up myself ...

> 1: The digest has a certain character to it, that is
> different from Egroups. I suspect that some of that
> comes from the fact that it is a digest.

I agree. Strongly enough that I don't care about Rule 1 ...

> I would worry we would loose
> contributors who did not want to keep up with an
> EGroups list.

I certainly have little desire to keep up with the eGroups lists I'm suscribed to.

> 3: Tradition. Ok its not important to everyone, but
> part me would be saddened to see the digest end in its
> current subscrition format.

> I have no idea how majordomo works. But I make a
> living as a software engineer so I guess I could
> figure it out, if no one else is willing to take up
> the baton.

Please, go ahead !!

> But the question really is: Is the format of the
> digest important. I think so. What about you?

I think so too.

> I do have a few vague misgivings, mainly relating to how the medium
> shapes the message.

Bullseye : I'm with John and other nay-sayers on this one.

Julian Lord

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