Orlanthi vs Imperials

From: Donald R. Oddy <donald_at_grove.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 21:24:57 GMT

>From: Svechin_at_cs.com
>There are many more examples I could give. Phalanxes form only a small part
>of the Imperial OB after the Jannisor rebellion and most of the Line
>regiments were transferred to the Garrison Army after they were found to be
>loyal to Dara Happa and the Elmexdros tradition rather than Takenegi. Look
>at the diversity of the Empires culture and then look at the types of units
>they will raise. They are not uniform at all and many of them excell in
>rough terrain or in melee.

The discussion did start with a comparison of Lunar Hoplites, as an example of top notch troops, and the Orlanthi fyrd. While I generally agree with what you say, I do feel you are missing out that chunk of the Lunar army that isn't as well trained, equipped or led. The regiment that hasn't been paid for months because the paymaster is misappropriating the payroll and a quarter of the troops are looking for something to eat instead of forming up on the battlefield. Such a unit would be very vunerable to sudden attack by an Orlanthi warband and success would give the Orlanthi the idea that they were a match for regular Lunar troops.

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