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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 20:49:15 +0200

I wrote, apparently none too clearly:
>Dragon Pass painted a quite different view of the battle. One that was
>rather hard for the Empire. The Lunar advantage in a fight is their
>organization. One on one, or in a free for all melee my money goes for
>the heortlings against the empire's troops. The heortling fighter is more
>at home in a wild an erratic free-for-all, than the regimental soldier
>that is used to relying on (and supporting) his fellow soldiers.

Joe replies:

:I've got DP and play it every so often. It's a great game! But I do not
:read into it the same conclusions that you seem to have reached. Sartar
:militia units are the same combat factors as Lunar Tarsh militia units.

What I meant was that the sartarite units, that don't fight in precise formations, seem to have a 50 : 50 chanse over the lunars. This, among other things, tells me that the Sartarites must be better fighters individually, since the lunars definitely have more advanced tachtics.

:There isn't a Sartar infantry unit with a CF equal to a Lunar phalanx or
:bodyguard infantry unit. Nowhere does it suggest to me that Heortling
:fighters outclass Lunar fighters.

I didn't mean that the Sartarite units wuold outclass Lunar units, but that the individual heortling is a better fighter pitted one vs. one with a Lunar soldier. The bodyguards are heroes on their own right, equipped by the fabulously rich empire and trained to fight as a unit. And I'm sure the Heotlings have trouble with phalanxes, unless they can break them up or surround them (phalanxes only work if you can contain the enemy to one side of it. No phalanx should fight without skirmish troops and preferrably cavalry)

: In fact, the six best "Sartar" melee
:units are Praxian! (The Bullocks, Twin Spears and Sword Brothers came
:with Argrath from Prax, plus the three Pol Joni units). Heck, even the
:Pavis Royal Guard outclasses any other "Sartarite" cavalry.

The Toughest lunar units are those made of demigods (moon daemons, I think in HW terms) and I seem to recall the Stormwalkers usually kick them right off the map.


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