Re: fighting prowess

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 02:52:35 -0800

Mikko :

>:Heortling Weaponthane 15-10w
>:Dara Happan Hoplite 15-10w
>To this I have to say: Badly tought out bollocks. The hoplite's should get
>a huge bonus for fighting in a phalanx,

I think the ability factors are fine, there's nothing wrong with them.

The way to reflect the relative effectiveness of the fighting styles is with appropriateness modifiers. Hoplites are realy good at fighting in shield wall formations on a battlefield, while orlanthi are a bit crap at it. Therefore in that situation the orlanthi get a -5 modifier to their combat ability.

Hoplites are realy crap at fighting Orlanthi raiders swooping in from the hills to raid their patrolls, so in that circumstance the Hoplites suffer a -5 modifier.

So then we have a situation where the Lunars paste the sartarites on the battlefield, but in the long term Sartar is ungovernable.

Simon Hibbs

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