Third Eye Blue.

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 12:42:13 +1300


>The Third Eye Blue People are an errant people found in Peloria. Some
>say they come from Fronela and once had a powerful culture there. Others
>say they are related to the wendarians of old. Actually i don't know the

They are related to or associated with the Blue People that invaded mythical Wendaria. The Blue People came from the Sweet Sea that also flooded much of Fronela during this time.

However the earliest mention of the Third Eye Blue has them inhabiting hilltops and mountains (cf Glorantha: Intro p81 and Fortunate Succession p89) which argues against them being part of the Blue People. One group of Third Eye Blues even fought with Daxdarius (a foe of the Blue People) against the Logicians (allies of the Blue People) so the relationship may not have been always friendly.

Your assumption that the Third Eye Blue are based on the Lycian Cyclops is probably true considering that Daxdarius is stated in the Fortunate Succession (p96) to have been friends with a giant cyclops. Which means that the Third Eye Blues might be devolved giants. Hence I assume that the secret of the third eye was traded or stolen by their Founder from the Blue People.

>It's nice to have people with third eye blue tatooed (?) on their
>foreheads and giving them smithwise clairvoyance and I'm pretty
>sure they worship some Third Eye Blue God (IDRC where i read this).

Piku in Apple Lane is noted as being an initiate of the Third Eye Blue. However Different Worlds #24 just mentions a "Third Eye Blue Founder hero". I assume that it's connected to some god of the Blue People (although the only possible god that I can think of is Daliath).

My current feeling is that it allows them to see onto the Other Side and see their god directly. They also have the power to do something with animals (Piku can make animal heads on the pommel of his swords).

>But i have no idea what sort of mythology he may have and what other
>god/spirits they may worship. Perhaps they even use sorcery..

I had thought that their trade god was the God with Silver Feet and for this reason believed that Third Eye Blue gods should have similar names. The Sun God would have been the God with Golden Head, their war god would be the God with Iron Arms, the hunting deity would be the God of the Hunting Club and so forth. When Iron was stolen, the Founder probably called upon the Brazen Thief. But I'm a bit stuck trying to figure out what their Goat Goddess and Building God should be called.

>are they blue-skinned or is this just their third eye which is blue?

The Third Eye is blue. A couple live in Apple Lane and any blue skin is not remarked upon.

>I'd prefer Ladaral, the great volcano god whose body lies at the bottom
>of the Neliomi Sea and whose spirit heats the Brazen Wall of the Brithini
>Citadel in Sog (found this in a story Origin of the Janube River by Peter
>Metcalfe on the Issaries website). But i'm not sure such a diminished
>god can still be worshipped (being enslaved by Brithini sorcerors).

There could easily be another volcano in the Tastolar uplands that the third eye blue smiths worship. Perhaps the Molten God?

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