Re: Overrated Empire

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 01:24:28 GMT

>From: Wesley Quadros <>
>They also have a magnificent supply system. With their vast river networks, moon
>boats and imperial road systems they could support armies the size that Mikko
>mentioned were found in China, while they were within reasonable distance of the
>rivers. Now I am not a logistics expert so I don't know what a reasonable
>distance is.

Basically near enough that a unit can send a party there to get supplies every few days, so I would think 5 - 10 miles max. Maybe more if the army was stationary, less if they wanted to move at a decent rate. Of course supply isn't a problem in bringing an army together, Heortlings will be quite used to carrying several days rations when they muster. However after a week or so supply becomes crucial and that's where the Lunars will have the upper hand. Not only have they the organisation to supply the army, they also have the discipline to survive on part rations if need be.

>> Nonesense! The average lunar soldier is nowhere near a match for an
>> orlanthi weaponthane. The lunar centurion (cepturion?) would be about
>> equalent.
>HWRiG pg 120.
>Heortling Weaponthane 15-10w
>Dara Happan Hoplite 15-10w
>I would say that most experienced units are in the same range.

Given that a starting player character is 5w, I would expect most weaponthanes to be between 5w-10w. With Lunar troops, the best regiments would have comparable soldiers while the average ones would be about 1w and there will be a lot of militia at 10-15. Of course the key difference is that Hoplites will have that skill in formation fighting only, as individuals they should suffer a negative modifier.

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