Re: E-Groups

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 20:52:28 +1100

E-GROUPS Thanks Loren for that thoughtful and illuminating explanation of the pros and
cons of E-groups. A couple of questions and musings...

Can an E-groups moderator configure the list so that digests/e-mails can be sent out only once every 24 hours, once a week, whatever? (I ask the first because I think the 'thoughtful pause' does enhance the signal to noise ratio of the Digest, the second because if a Gloranthan list were formed for say,
short story writing and discussion, then something like one digest a week would be optimal).

If we retain the major-domo option, there is still the option to create a GD website to provide some of the extras E-groups can provide. That task could be handled by a wider group of folk who are web proficient but don't have list maintainer skills. Or it may simply be that we put in a request for a Digest
page to Issaries, whose volunteer web builders are doing a fantastic job.

Containing what? Do we need an updated FAQ?, or a home for the old one? How about a common FAQ for all the Glorantha lists, detailing the split in subject areas and various addresses?

3D GLORANTHA On a related complete tangent, I'd be interested in hearing from any folk who do computer 3D figure/landscape modelling or illustration, and who might be interested in sharing tips and ideas on Gloranthan subjects and models, sharing runic props etc. After a longish hiatus, I've taken up computer modelling and illustration again using Rhino/Poser 3/Bryce 3D/Photoshop, and have spent the last few months completing a naturalistic Vingan warrior. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with similar interests.


John                                John Hughes

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