Humakti Valkyries /Yggites Valkyries

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Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 19:05:19 +0900

>Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 04:59:21 EST
>Subject: Re: Valkyries

First, I wrote this through my own image of Valkyries...I don't have any information about "Sorceror Knight" supplyment of HW, I think Malkionism is Masclinist Religion as RW Christianism Contemporary, and "Mother Earth" religion always revive from outcasts of these "Fundamental Dogmatists." Always History (not "Herstory") wrote with hand of men...And always Corruption of "Civilzation" came from Feminism of Prosperity as Cato Major and Augustus addressed in Roman "History".

> I rather got the impression that the valkyries were Yggite - is this
>some different group with a similar name? Certainly, all the illustrations
>Gunda I've seen don't make her look much like a Malkioni knight...
> During the Ban, Loskalm was remarkably successful at kicking out
>who disagreed with their beliefs (there *are* exceptions, according to the
>current draft of SK, but this doesn't sound to me like it would be one of
>them). So I presume your lot are from the Janube, yes?

Yes, I agree. I think Yggites are most safe people from Threat of Kingdom of War,
so they only have feeble reason to United Fronela against KoW. Gunda the Guilty maybe
Half Yggite/Loskalmi. But if she went Janube River Line and saw Havoc with side of Harrek the Berserk and Lord Death on the Horse...But it's only my imagination.
I prefer thinking most Paganstic Style Valkyries are Subroot of Fronelan Humakti Cult.

(BTW, What is SK?)

And I think I can question about this again. <<Why Vampires existed only in Western Culture? Because in other areas, people
don't believe Judgement Day and Revival, and they burned corpse with pyre (Cremation) as Pagan Homer let Achilles burn his friend in Iliad or Brunhilde burn Sigurd in Edda (Orlanthi and Darahappans burn their dead, or burial at River as some Hindis, or leaving a corpse exposed to the vultures
in Zoroastrian Style, because death is unholy, but fire is holy for AhuraMazda.
So undead are only situation of illegal burial in Orlanthi Culture, Or in Uz Style, eating corpse (Kyger Style) and made Automaton (Zolak Style) maybe also cause of epidemic, because Burying Corpse Style as Feudal Christians is expensive for Hygiene. And Malkioni...without Judgement Day, how do they treat their corpse? They "logically" don't have reason to use dead unless they are not Necromancer. Brithini enjoyed katharsis their few deaths in Glorantha Genertela Book.
IMHO, Holy Country made many mummies for guarding City of Wonder and Pharaohic Tradition of Luck and Death....>>

><< God of Silver Feet (Why New Hrestoli call him "God" merely a demon?) >>

> Its probably an old Fronelan term - the Loskalmi themselves most likely
>don't use it IMO.

I think very difficult task to convince people threat never happens for Snodal's foresight. He brought Syndics Ban instead of Deluge which would drown almost all of Fronela (Zzabur projected for unknown Purpose..) And Prince Snodal disappeared from Mandane World after Horrible Vivisection of GoSF in 1499/1500. Siglat, Gaiseron and his servants made Proxy tomb od Snodal as normal Orthodox Malkionism Saints... I guess most of Fronelan People don't know Snodal brought Ban and wrought "Minor" havoc.

><< Dark Veiled Lady cut their borderly way for Selfish Distorted
>Purpose...She cheated her husband for Selfish Warped Purpose and started
>Syndics Ban. >>

> She had already left the country by then, so I guess you're suggesting
>that this was the result of some long-term plan she set in motion?

I think so. Snodal saw Zzabur's introgue in Library of Altinela, but who other knows about it? Gaiseron? She intrigued this disastorous project in Middle World for unknown reason as one of Demigod Races.

><<King Siglat and New Hrestoli Power forced their New Doctrine even to
> and Traditions...Yggites, Ouori, Aldryami, Grotaron, Hsunchens and

> I don't think so. They'd *like* to, I admit, but they certainly
>managed it yet.

><< New Hrestoli: Valkyries secretly infiltrated Structure of Kingdom and
>Church, supported their distorted Justice for their Greater Justice, but
>are pessimistic confronting merely a Hrestoli Orders to Near Threat.>>

> Well, the New Hrestoli already have an order of warrior-women -
>its very new and is still relatively small. There are also women at very
>positions within the Loskalmi government, although definitely in a
>However, infiltration of the Church and Kingdom seems to me to be a nigh on
>impossible task.

There is always optional Reality in Glorantha. We can easily(?) warp "Reality" with Hero Quest or Other Strong Magical Method...Sorry for silly commentation.

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