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From: David Hall <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 09:47:27 -0500


Having returned from down under, service is now back to normal at Megacorp Towers. Loads of backorders went out on Saturday.

Here is my current price list - it includes a number of rare items that were recently discovered deep in the Megacorp dungeons.

Please note my NEW postal address.

All prices are in UK pounds sterling (UKP).

David Hall
11 Barons Lodge
110 Manchester Road
London, E14 3BL

Tales of the Reaching Moon Magazine

Single Issues UKP 3.50

Issue #10: Sea special   
Issue #11: Pamaltelan special   
Issue #12: Bumper Colour special  
Issue #13: Go West special
Issue #14: Prax and the Wastes special
Issue #15: Prax and the Wastes part deux
Issue #16: Lunar special
Issue #17: Catch-up Special
Issue #18: Sartar Special
Issue #19: Upland Marsh Special   NEW!!!

Tales prices include UK and European postage. Add UKP 1.50 per issue for postage elsewhere in the world.

I've also got a few Tales #14's with the rare spoof April Fool covers. Yours for UKP 5.00 each.

Tradetalk Magazine

Single Issues UKP 3.00

Tradetalk #2: Western Special. 
Tradetalk #3: Western Special part 2.
Tradetalk #4: Holy Country special
Tradetalk #7: Non-humans special issue

Tradetalk prices include UK and European postage. Add UKP1.50 per issue for postage elsewhere in the world.

Reaching Moon Megacorp Publications

MIG II                                                UKP 8.00
The Meints Index to Glorantha is an indispensible guide to all things Gloranthan.

If you're a completist and want the original MIG 1 then I've a few left at UKP 8.00 each.

A Rough Guide to Glamour UKP 8.00 Includes guide, maps and gazetteer of the Lunar capital city. Plus Lunar history, the Lunar pantheon, and Jaxarte and the Red Emperor.
LAST FOUR LEFT! Tarsh War UKP 8.00
A 12-player freeform ready to play. Lead the Lunar Army's thin red line into Barbarian lands.

Wyrms Footprints                UKP 8.50

Sog City Guidebook              UKP 8.00
Includes maps and gazetter of the city
as well as Malkioni background.

Proceedings in Malkionism UKP 5.00
Character write-ups from the How the West was One freeform.

Other Magazines

Enclosure #1            UKP 9.00
Enclosure #2            UKP 8.50

Drastic Prax            UKP 9.00

Questlines #1           UKP 8.00

Other Publications

Pavis & Big Rubble                     UKP 45.00
The first of a series of reprinted Gloranthan classics. HARDBACK EDITION ONLY

Convulsion 4 Anthology UKP 3.50
The programme book from the C4 convention.

Broken Council Guidebook UKP 8.00 The freeform background book.

RQ-Con 2 Compendium UKP 8.50
Post-con book of the 1995 US convention. TWO COPIES LEFT! Ye Book of Tentacles #2 UKP 8.50

The Raiders Digest #1 FREE with an order Gloranthan boardgame variants and scenarios

Make all Cheques and Postal Orders payable to "David Hall". All publications include UK & European postage. Elsewhere in the world add 30% for airmail (UKP 1.50 per issue for Tales and Tradetalk). Foreign cheques should be in UK pound's sterling and drawn on a UK bank.



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