RE: E-Groups

From: Loren Miller <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 13:24:39 -0600

"John Hughes" <> queries:
> Can an E-groups moderator configure the list so that
> digests/e-mails can be
> sent out only once every 24 hours, once a week, whatever? (I ask the first
> because I think the 'thoughtful pause' does enhance the signal to noise
> ratio of the Digest, the second because if a Gloranthan list were
> formed for
> say,
> short story writing and discussion, then something like one digest a week
> would be optimal).

There are two ways to interpret the question. If the question is how often do digests go out, the answer is once a day. That is not configurable. If the question is, can the moderator disable subscribers from receiving individual messages the answer is "no." Egroups allows subscribers to determine how they receive the group. They can choose to receive each message individually, to receive a single daily digest of messages, or to read all messages on the web and receive no messages via email. Additionally, it is possible to configure groups so that subscribers can upload and download files. Some groups have used the upload and download facilities for stories and complete works and the mailing list for discussion. This segregates the two lines of discussion in a way that I personally dislike, but some people might like it. My feeling is that if I sort through all the low-value discussion then for Orlanth's sake I want to read the high-value stories too without having to find them on the group site.

As to what the moderator can do to configure a group... The moderator can set a group to forward or strip off non-text attachments. I think that stripping them off is highly preferable, and would help this list tremendously. The moderator can set access levels to the various features. That's it for now. If this list becomes a reality I'm going to petition eGroups to add an option to reject messages that are more than 50% quoted text from earlier messages.

As for the thoughtful pause (that refreshes), I would personally want to receive the digest rather than individual messages because there will be a lot of messages. Perhaps we could include a request to maintain the thoughtful tenor of the group in the front page, and suggest that the easiest way to do that is to subscribe to the digest or the web interface?

> If we retain the major-domo option, there is still the option to
> create a GD
> website to provide some of the extras E-groups can provide. That
> task could
> be handled by a wider group of folk who are web proficient but don't have
> list maintainer skills. Or it may simply be that we put in a request for a
> Digest
> page to Issaries, whose volunteer web builders are doing a fantastic job.

It would be easy as pie to set up a moderated egroups list to forward digests etc. One such group was created about a year and a half ago, by somebody I know not whom, and the postings stopped in april 2000. It only requires that the owner of the majordomo list cooperate to set it up.

> Containing what? Do we need an updated FAQ?, or a home for the
> old one? How
> about a common FAQ for all the Glorantha lists, detailing the split in
> subject areas and various addresses?

I think we need an updated, common FAQL, a home for the old FAQL in the meantime, and pointers to all Gloranthan mailing lists and websites.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #163

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