Re: E-Groups

From: Tim Ellis <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 22:18:42 +0000

In message E-Groups, Loren Miller writes

>They can choose to receive each
>message individually, to receive a single daily digest of messages,

Although in practice you get more than one per day when the list is busy - - I think it one per day or every 25 messages, whichever comes first, based on how messages from the two HW lists seem to arrive

> Some groups have used the upload and download
>facilities for stories and complete works and the mailing list for
>discussion. This segregates the two lines of discussion in a way that I
>personally dislike, but some people might like it. My feeling is that if I
>sort through all the low-value discussion then for Orlanth's sake I want to
>read the high-value stories too without having to find them on the group

There is also the issue that not everyone who can receive e-mail can necessarily (easily) access the web to retrieve such files

I still think the lack of an option to retrieve old messages, except by reading them individually on line is a bit of a drawback...

I was interested to see That Loren's poll seems to have drawn mainly negative responses, despite the fact that you need to subscribe to E-  to vote...

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