Hulk smash!!!

From: Richard, Jeff <Jeff.Richard_at_METROKC.GOV>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 11:52:09 -0800

Mikko -

>But nevertheless this old crouch thinks that it's important to understand
>how the Empire and the Heortlings wage war. It's all too easy to start to
>favor one side, and lose the interesting tension in the conflict. It's
>hardly interesting if the empire has no trouble at all with the
>heortlings, and not to mention unrealistic.

The Empire did have trouble with the Heortlings - it had centuries of difficulties with them. Nonetheless, they have conquered or converted nearly ALL of the core territories of the Heortling tribes. Tarsh is the mainstay of Lunar dominion in the old Heortling lands, and Aggar and Holay look to the Empire for protection from Tarsh (this raises the issue of whether Sartar is properly referred to as the principle "Heortling" power - a very good argument can be made that honor belongs to Tarsh). Sartar is occupied, with a puppet king sitting on the throne in Boldhome. Clearly, the Lunar Empire has been victorious against the Heortlings - only the Bright Empire of the Broken Council rivals this accomplishment (the EWF was the Heortling High Council and the GodLearners never conquered the Heortling core lands). Let's face it, history to date has favored the Lunars.

>I don't think the Lunar Empire is anything special as empires go. I don't
>think they could have faced the EWF or the Godlearners. It's just the
>biggest thing thats around at the moment.

Hulk versus Superman. Rome versus Assyria. Alexander versus Gengis Khan.

>I wonder... when the ban lifts and the empire is exposed to the
>malkionists on it's western border, in how bad a mess will they be. The
>Lunar doctrine calls for them to conquer the whole of Genertela, but I
>wonder if they have the strength for it.

1621 represents the high point in Lunar military achievements. After that, things start getting more difficult - not necessarily because the Orlanthi are tougher than the Lunars, but because the Empire starts having a run of "bad luck". These things happen. It happened to Rome, it happened to the Mongol Empire. I suspect that has even happened to the Hulk and Superman.


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