Re: Valkyries

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 15:13:33 EST

<< > >      "A select few [women] are trained as knights, but until now

> > they have never been allowed to fight in battle and are instead
> > used to rescue the fallen."
> Glorantha: Intro p77 >>

> > The "until now" indicates the order is much older than "very new".
>I think it indicates the precise opposite.

 Why? "but until now" only qualifies the statement that they have never been allowed to fight, not that they are trained as knights. The last clause indicates what they were used as. If it had been intended as a new order, then I would have written something like  "An order of female knights was recently created to rescue the fallen from the battlefield..." >>

     Clearly you know what you intended to mean better than I would, so in that sense I'm wrong! But my interpretation was that a select few women were trained as knights and now a subset of them are being allowed to fight too. That subset I interpreted as being an order.  

<< >What it does, of course, show is that women who rescued the fallen
>from the battlefield are not a new thing - - but I wouldn't really
>define that as a 'warrior' myself.

 I didn't write "warrior", I said "knights". >>

     No, but I wrote 'warrior' and I assumed you were replying to my comment.  

<< >But [Gunda] isn't going to be in SK anyway, so it matters not whether I'm wrong...  

 Pity. I found writing her bio to be most useful in hinting at Loskalm's dark side.>>

    I have no doubt she'll be in the narrator/scenario book, but she doesn't belong in the players book IMO. Certainly Thunder Rebels has no detailed biographies of Heortling heroes such as Argrath or Kallyr.


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