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Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 17:21:28 EST

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<< I don't think the Lunar Empire is anything special as empires go. I don't
 think they could have faced the EWF or the Godlearners. It's just the  biggest thing thats around at the moment.>>

Now there is a statement. It is dificult to draw comparisons. For one thing, the magnitude of magic is believed to have decreased, the Middle Sea Empire was pretty much sea based, the EWF was only really destroyed by treachery from within. This really is a Hulk vs Superman argument. Or a Roman Empire vs a Panzer division type exercise.  

<< I wonder... when the ban lifts and the empire is exposed to the
 malkionists on it's western border, in how bad a mess will they be.>>

If I were the Lunar Empire I would be more worried by the Kingdom of War, by whatever is happening in Charg, by the Revolting Redlanders and White Moon Lunies, than by Malkioni Saucy Nights.

<< The Lunar doctrine calls for them to conquer the whole of Genertela, but I
 wonder if they have the strength for it.>>

Not my Lunar doctrine, I'm a tareltaran mystic.

Keith N

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