Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 16:52:59 +0000

A couple of observations on eGroups in action.

Generally speaking I like the flexibility and control they give me as a subscriber and as an administrator but I have to agree with the view that they would change the nature of GD.

I'm presently on (among others) which is a list for fans of WRG's Hordes of the Things fast-play fantasy wargames rules. This has a similar level of traffic to the GD.

I've just changed from digest mode to individual emails because I got fed up of long quotes from previous postings appearing several times in a digest. The alternative is that now I see several repetitive replies to the same question from people who have their settings on "digest". Obviously I would see these replies anyway in digest mode but they're easier skip that way. Neither set-up is ideal and the problem can be lessened by the kind of rules of the road GD has but these are more likely to be broken in a system with both kinds of set-up in use.

Just my 0.02 Euros.

Richard Crawley

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