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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:09:45 +1300


Quotes a Pentan. I don't think the Pentan would speak of having "offensive superiority" or how his horses have "superb training". These are rather modern in tone and jar somewhat.

>"We are freedom lovers because our way is the way of freedom, and
>that's why we serve our leader better than slaves serve their master;

Slightly complicated by the revelations of Sheng Seleris.

         "[Sheng Seleris] claimed that Jolaty had enlightened
         him with the truths of good slavery that allowed him
         to defeat all monsters."
                         Glorantha: Intro p174.

Therefore it's debatable that a Pentan will still consider himself a Freedom Lover even if he did so before Sheng Seleris (which I also find improbable considering that they are Solars, not Storm Worshippers). Bravery and Loyalty are the cardinal virtues of a Pentan.

>Even our women can fight if needed, and this mere idea horrifies the
>puny Dara Happans.

Pentan women aren't fighters (although they can be Riders and hunt) and there is a tribe of women warriors. The concept is unusual to the Pentans.

>"Yes, it's true that walls are a problem for us. We have no siege

In the Dawn age, the Jenarong (horse-rider) dynasty of Pelorian are noted for having powerful magic that can shoot arrows through walls GRAY p46 (although an Emperor is later described as having a catapult ibid p98). At the same time, the Hyalorings from Saird had an Emperor who was known as Leaps Over Walls p40. So the Pentans can find magics to counteract the walls, although the warriors that know this magic will use it to reach the gates and open it.

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