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From: Grawe, Philipp <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:03:32 +1100

> From: daniel posselt <>

Interesting you chose that background, I worked on some stuff about 12 months ago, where the background was a Jillaro-based Lunar trading family fallen on hard times. I haven't given up on the setting and in my mind I'm still planning a campaign around it. I figured it's a good way of having a relatively closed campaign, but still allowing a wide variety of PC types, given that the Lunars are fairly accepting of foreigners and strange types. My PCs were family members, employees, even a Broo slave appeared (briefly until he escaped). The main reason the campaign died is that my son was born and I suddenly had other priorities. I figured I'd wait for Hero Wars at the same time.

If you like I'll dig out the stuff I wrote - it was one of those "What my father told me"'s, done specifically for this family and a bit of background info on the family. Nothing fantastic. The campaign notes are very badly done, lets just say I was pressured into running something before I had it all planned out.

> 3. What name sources should be used? It seems that
> Carmanians would be Turkish, Dara Happan Latin,
> Pelorian Egyptian - is that vaguely correct? (this
> is, btw, one of the best things about Pendragon - the
> name lists - that would be great to copy in the
> forthcoming player handbooks).

I used very Roman names, but that was the flavor I wanted for the family.

> 1. Where should this be set? It should be an
> important city (to give me a chance to have some fun
> with everything that goes on there), but not glamour
> or one of the Tripolis, as the players' family
> shouldn't be so important in a large city. This is
> tied perhaps to the next question:

I figured Jillaro was far south enough to be a little bit away from the action in Glamor and the Tripolis - especially the politics and infighting, but close enough to the Conquering Daughters Roads and to a major river to foster lots of trade. I believe (and I'm no expert) that the Syllian province also has a fair amount of variety in the races and cultures that settled there.  

> If anyone would like to be a more detailed reviewer
> for the scenario once I write it up, please let me
> know.

I'd love to see what you write.


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