Kralori swords

From: Probst, Bruce [IBM GSA] <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:04:04 +1100

> Mikko Rintasaari <> wrote:

        > The Kralori what? I agree that the chinise do good swords, but I don't remember them specializing on scimitars. The bronze age swords vere straight and double edged.

        True for the Chinese, but I thought the discussion was on Kralorela. If you examine your Genertela box set Player's Book, you will find that characters originating from Kralorela have "scimitar" as a cultural weapon. Why? Beats me.

        > I wonder, are you confusing the Kralori with the Vormaini? Though I definitely don't want to see any "katana" in my Glorantha either, since it's a very, very modern sword. The old japaniese swords are straight and double bladed.

        If we are to accept that "Vormain" is analogous to "Japan", which is certainly what Chaosium were saying in the "Land of Ninja" set, then "katanas" are certainly in vogue. While true that "old" Japanese swords were straight, in the Chinese fashion, "Land of Ninja" (and therefore, Vormain) is set in the more medieval Japanese period, where katanas (or more accurately, tachi) were indeed the norm. The differences between a tachi and a katana are more a matter of styling than blade design (so far as I understand it -- I don't claim to be an expert).

	Bruce Probst


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