Six Road / Pyre of Funeral

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To Lord Trotsky (aka Mr.Jamie Revell, I hope you don't hate your own name)

Luke Skywalker burned his Father's body in Last Stage of "Star Wars" very similar to Kind of Iliad.
Opheria died lying over bed of flowing River in "Hamlet" and Elaine of Astrat died as same for Love to Lancelot breaks her heart.  I prefer tension of Funeral in the Tragedical Scenes.

> Depends on how narrow a definition of 'vampire' you take, surely? A
>(for example) is pretty much the same sort of thing as a vampire, isn't it?
>Except the gaki is conceived in essentially Japanese ways without the
>christian symbolism of the European vampire. OK, so technically a gaki
>undead, which presumably is your point. But even if undeath is the key
>for defining a vampire, there's the Chinese ch'iang shih (or so I

><< IMHO, Holy Country made many mummies for guarding City of Wonder and
>Pharaohic Tradition of Luck and Death....>>

> That was my opinion too, and was written up in AR. I don't know
>it got cut because there wasn't space or because it just wasn't true!

Mandara Six Road of Samsara is important for understanding Orthodox Buddhism.
Six Worlds are that of Celestian / Mandane / Beast / Hell / Ashura / Gaki(japanese pronunciation).
All mortals starts and ends one of six cycles "Samsara" of their life and soul goes next until they can catch Enlightment during these illusion days. Gaki means Hungry Dead, In Chinese Ideogram, "ki" applied word means "Dead" but in Japan, same word meaning "humanoid monster" (similarity to Andin Races of
Eastern Glorantha) rather than direct chinese character meaning. Gaki in Picture has Resembrance to Gloranthan Trolls. (Always Hungry) And it didn't mean Undead Status in Normal Status. They are residents of Otherworld.
If you lived in rage, hatred and rebel, your next life is Realm of Ashura, if you lived in cruelty and vice, your next life is that of Hell, if you lived nobly (but without any Enlightenment), your next life is that of Celestian (that is most tragedical because they must lose all in future anyway.)
if you lived avaricious, your next life is that of Gaki. 

(If you mention about Whitewolf Publication Writing, these older Sets are changed to Kuei-jin Sets) Sorry for Issaries and Chaosium concerned and deviation. My most concern about these compositions were about Funeral of Malkioni.

Humakt was Death God, and maybe God of Funeral in Hendreiki and Quivini. I see
current change of understanding about Elements, Life and Death is one of targets for Real World Religions.
In Glorantha, Older Cult Rites deeply influenced from Elemental Connection (see Caladra and Aulerion)
Darkness eats their Dead (Trolls) Sea receives Dead to his Bed of Depth (Merfolk)
Earth let plow a field with corpses of Husband as manure (Esrolia) Lodrilite contains Dead in Lava Bed of their Mountains, Orlanthi and Yelmite scattered ash of Dead to Winds. Death is Useful for Orlanthi.

But Current complication of Glorantha made these categorization difficult. For Example, Teshnans reveres Zitor Argon and Fralor, they burn thier dead and wait their Soul returning fro Death as Reincarnation. But rationalization is only used, Why Rationalist Malkioni buried their Dead? Most of Monotheist of Real World buries Dead without Burning (Christans, Jew and Muslims)
At least in Japan, most important celebration of Life are Four. Coming on Age Celebration,Wedding,Funeral,Ancestor Worship.

When Malkion first met Death of His Relative. How Hrestol formalize Burial and Funeral of His Mother Xemela? (Mother Complexous?)
When Zzabur firstly found Secret of Death (Necromancy, Shadow of Living World)
First Vampire (VivamortiGrakamagakan?) strode Seshnelan Land. What is Death? (Fault of Vadeli)

Next I will return to Blue Moon Plateau again.

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