Silkworm in Chinese Folklore

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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 20:30:27 +0900

In Europe, firstly Silk came in Days of Roman Imperium, during end days of Republic. After many years, they and Byzantines long doubted how Chineses made these textiles and felt existence of Magic...Chinese may also feel this wonder.

One Day, a Beautiful Daughter of Farmer sought her father but he went far place
this day, she went stable and told a stallion in fun, "If you bring my Dad now, I will become your wife." As soon as the horse heard her word, he sprout up and ran, immidiately coming back with her father.
After that day, the farmer noticed his horse was excited when he saw his daughter, he doubted about it and asked her for his stallion, his daughter reluctantly taught about the promise she made in fun. The farmer felt sad but he could not gave her to merely a animal, he killed the horse and flayed his skin.
Next day, his daughter knocked his hide and scorned, then the hide wrapped her body and flew away. The farmer asked about his daughter to his neighborhood and heard about the hide of his horse, he traced but too late. When he found it, many white ugly worms crept out from hide under. These were first Silkworms. (Folktale)

 Chinese found these worms made rawsilks for creating their Cocoon. But they can eat only mulberrys. (Europian must seek mulberry for silk,too.) They also wondered why they only can make this miracle of nature. And they made many beautiful tales for it. This tale is most famous in these tales.

Weaving Woman was Daughter of Celestial Emperor. She worked for Rawsilks and many textiles for Court of Emperor, but she could not seek any pleasure without working. Emperor became pityful to his daughter, and decided to give her a husband.He was Bull Tractor, another hard worker of Heaven. Bull Tractor and Weaving Woman became very happy Pairs, and became lazy for working and enjoyed playing every day. Emperor angered his daughter and the son-in-law. He made Great River between he and she. That is Galaxy. But when he saw his daughter grieved at river side, felt pity again. and permitted she would meet him Once per Year.(Famous Folklore about Star)

Weaving Woman is Vega of Lyra, Bull Tracker is Altaire of Aquila. The two met a day per a year (Mythologically), the Star Festival (celebrated on July 7 [August 7]) But the two cannot meet when Climate of this Day Bad. And Eagle (Cygnus) flew as Messenger of Two.

In Glorantha, Isle of Wonder exported Silk of "Silkworm of Friendship". What do you know (or imagine) about this article of Genertelabook? And I associates "weaving woman" to Mother of HonEel and Wife of Magnificus.

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