Tradetalk Newsletter

From: Ingo Tschinke <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 16:52:01 +0100


I have started an new information letter for the Tradetalk magazine on egroups. Send an email to and you will getting an regular basis an info letter about the Tradetalk magazine.

This is no discussion group as HeroWars or HW rules on egroups, it is only an info letter. Somebody who would like to publish an email to other members or would like to tell me something about Tradetalk, old and oncoming issues, can send me an email to:

Every comments and critics are welcome.

For further information take a look a the Tradetalk webside at So far all information about tradetalk is still on our main page, but we will change this in the near future because I'm still looking for somebody who takes care of (I'm not able to do this, sorry).

For german speaking members of egroups I would like to inform you that we have founded also a german Herowars discussion group through egroups under to get this.



End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #178

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