Re: G and Earth disparity

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 16:58:57 EST


<< you can't really have advanced "middle age" cultures brushing shoulders with bronze age or early iron age peoples. The more advanced people would conquer the lesser without effort. That's why I don't like treating the westerners as middleage christians in full plate armour and lace wielding heavy cavalry. They would have walked all over the other inhabitants of Genertela a long time ago. >>  

      I don't see why. They have slightly more access to iron, admittedly, but they are still stuck primarily with bronze. And compared with, say, the Lunars, their armed forces are less organised and more individualistic*. Not to mention the fact that magic is a hell of an equalising factor (the Lunars, in particular, are especially adept at the tactical deployment of magic). Given the distances involved and the roughness of the terrain where groups like the Orlanthi hang out, I don't see why its any more likely that the Malkioni would have conquered the world than that Europe failed to conquer Asia or Africa by the end of the fourteenth century.

    And of course, they DID walk all over most of the other inhabitants of Glorantha a long time ago! That was mainly due to magical superiority though, which they no longer have...

    Anyway, you're going to be disappointed: the Malkioni do in many respects resemble medieval Europeans, and the supplements will reflect that fact. Of course, your own Glorantha can be whatever way you wish it to be, but the western HW supplements likely won't be of much use to you.

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