Pentan burial methods

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 13:38:15 +1300


>* How do Pentans dispose of their dead? Cremate them or let them dessicate in
>the sun?

Both, it seems.

         "When [Jenarong] died many hundreds of horses, boars and slaves
         were burnt with him."
                         GRAY p38.

         "When [Emperor Vuranostum] died he was wrapped up in precious
         cloths and placed high on a platform.  The buzzards, including
         the Queen of Buzzards, were unable to disturb it.  Around it
         many other important people were buried this way, and it became
         known as the Field of Briers."
                         GRAY p40.

I think that cremation is a practice of the Modern Pentans, being influenced by the Rinliddi (who burn their dead) and perhaps the Votanki (although I can't find anything on their funerary practices) and that only the Traditionalists (including the Grazers and perhaps the CharUn) use Briars.

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