Re: Enculturation of Combat

From: Thomas McVey <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 10:29:07 -0800

> Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 11:50:33 +1100
> From: darvall <>
> Subject: Enculturation of Combat
> That's not my reading of either HW or Martin Laurie's commentries. The
> society produces heros on a scale that requires the almost undivided
> attention of a society significantly larger (200K O/i vs 8m Empire), & far
> better organised & generaled, to be conquered. The moment that attention
> wavers, as it does in 1625, Sartar breaks free.

Or, as an alternative explanation, the Empire loses part of its political will to commit resources to the periphery, especially with the anti-imperialist White Moonies becoming more vocal.

Given Sor-Eel's loss of the Cradle, and Gimgim's unmasking as a Krarsct cultist, the decision-makers in the Empire might reduce the resources they put into the periphery.
Why risk good lunar tax revenues to be squandered and embezzled by incompetents and chaotic traitors?

So, you have reduction in troops, maybe taking authority for minting coin away from Sor-Eel (after all, there could be more Krarsctites in his retinue, who might be diverting lunar funds to their disgusting cult), so he has difficulty paying the troops he does retain leading to lower morale & desertion, higher taxes to pay for the troops, & contraction in the Pavis economy leading the fence-sitters in Pavis to unite with the anti-Lunar factions, and pretty soon the Lunars have lost Prax.

> I await developments after
> 1638 with bated breath. What is the dominion of the Harshax?

All part of that wonderful freedom those Orlanthi spin-doctors keep telling you about.


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