Battle of Pennel

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 00:15:39 EST

Andrew asks:
>Does anyone have any ideas of what sort of forces the Lunar Empire and their
>opponents had at this battle?
>I ask becasue my players will become involved in this battle and surrounding
>events early in the new year

The OB for the Imperial and Allied armies are listed on Wesleys Glorantha site in the Gwandor campaign history. Greg has looked over the OBs and is happy with them, in fact he is likely to put them on the Issaries site at some point as part of a projected "Battles of the HW" section we discussed.


The OBs for Milran are also there. As the Gwandor campaign progresses through the HW period, I'll detail and provide OBs for every battle the players are involved in. As the main player is Argrath Dragonfriend, that should be most of them! :)

Oh, for actual graphic layouts of the battle lines on the day, check out Gwandor saga 48 and 49 as they show the forces arrayed at the moment the battle opened.

The OBs contain some Wargames Research Group style classifications of each unit plus some abbreviated HW stats to give and idea of relative toughness.

Hope that helps.

Further, if you have any questions about the Imperial forces in DP, their doctrine etc, please don't hesitate to write to me. I'm preparing a FAQ on the Imperial Armed forces and would welcome questions from anyone on the subject to help with the ongoing work we're doing on the Imperial military.

Martin Laurie

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