From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:58:54 +1300

Terra Incognita:

>2: They may be Descendants of Hyalor. Savior of Goddess Hippoi. (Hyalor
>was maybe Pelorian Bawl Horse Nomad of Nivorah, not Hero of Pent. see
>Mythology of the Wyrms Footprint: Solar Pantheon.)

The notion that the horse people come from Nivorah is really a Plentonic account of where they came from. The horse people of Pent know their origins lie in Pent and not some city. If the Dara Happans know the Hyalor myth about horses, then they learned it ultimately from Pent.

>5: They were descendants of Sun Empire of Theist Plane or
>Genert Garden of Animists. (or Both.)

Neither AFAIK. Their oldest origins are distinct from either the Praxians or the Dara Happans.

>2: They have many varieties of Tribes as Praxians. (See Redline
>History Third Wane and Names of Tribes.) Think about Praxians
>famous for variety of Many Tribes of Waha, Impala, Sable, High
>Llama, Bison and Morokanth. But they ride only Horses. How to make
>their specialities?

Tribal tattoos, dress and fighting styles (remembers with fear the Revolt in the Redlands).

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