Battle of Pennel Ford

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:31:03 +1300

Andrew Moreton:

>Does anyone have any ideas of what sort of forces the Lunar Empire and
>their opponents had at this battle?
>I ask becasue my players will become involved in this battle and
>surrounding events early in the new year


 From the powerful Sunspear that was cast, I assume the magicians were Yelmic Priests in the Spell Archers school.

Although the Grazers did serve Lunar interests in Esrolia, prior to this battle they were defeated and ran away. So no Grazers.

A part of the Lunar Army is mentioned and peltasts are specifically mentioned. The army is described as Imperial and one might conclude from this that they were heartland corps, not native Tarshite. Phalanxes and Cavalry would not be out of place.


The Wolf Pirates including Harrek and his boon companions. Argrath is also mentioned and so too is King Broyan.

The Warm Earth Alliance. From the Glorantha: Intro, this is the forces of many merchant queens from the coastal cities and north Esrolia. Typical Esrolian troops armed with some fire magics.

A contingent of Caladraland spearmen is mentioned. I think they are part of the Warm Earth Alliance or perhaps they are mercenaries hired by the Queens of Storos. They seem numerous enough to compose one wing but it could be that they were in the front of the Warm Earth Alliance and that masses of Esrolians stood behind them.

Western Barbarians: undoubtedly the Ditali and the Solanthi. I suspect the defectors that pissed off Harrek were the fire clans of the Ditali (i.e. Caladran exiles) since they followed the Prophet of the Spear who came from the Lunar Empire.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #186

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