The Unspoken Word

From: Mark Galeotti <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:24:27 -0000


Simon Bray and Mark Galeotti are setting up a new HW magazine, The Unspoken Word. Huzzah!

It will be a 64 page quarterly, with themed issues, featuring a mix of in-depth and pick-up-and-play material. The first issue, with a Tarsh focus, we plan to produce for spring 2001, with the second issue, on Bandits & Outlaws, due for summer.

We've already got some first-class authors lined up for these issues, and will post the ToCs once they are firmed up (as well as the vital information you need to buy them!). But we are also looking for more authors and artists and also suggestions for future themes, which could be geographic or conceptual. If you are interested in perhaps writing, then contact Mark
( for a copy of the Author's Notes and also our general
Tarsh Briefing. If you might like to contribute some art (colour, b&w, inks, computer graphics, whatever), then get in touch with Simon

Speak the Unspoken Words. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simon & Mark

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