rivers, lunar invasion of sartar

From: Gareth Martin <gamartin_at_nortelnetworks.com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 16:31:40 2000

Hi folks. Sorry to harp on a topic, but I'm still looking for info on the Lunar invasion of Sartar and any information on the rivers in Dragon Pass.

I see on Ian Thompsons Pavis site that the Crimson Bat destroys Danger Ford in 1602, wiping out a third of the Lismelder tribe among others. Does anyone have any other data from this period on the web?

Anyone have any information on the craft-god Iphigios mentioned in the history of the 2nd Wane?

Can anyone tell me what a vexilla, the magical standards, actually looks like?

Something I have assumed but not had confirmed is the presence of stardised uniforms, tehcniques, command and contrlo structurs in the Lunar army. However, amny posters have stressed the deralist nature of thenLunars, with distinct unit types and cultural treadidiotns. I confess I find this confusing - its a sort of "when is an emoiure not an empire" kinda thing, it seems. So any comments on that, how/if the lunar armny integrates its components, would be appreciated.

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