Re: some questions about heroquesting

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 04:04:47 -0800

There are eith no silly questions about heroquesting, or only silly questions about heroquesting, depending on who you ask.

Michael Hitchens :

>The rules imply heroquests take place on the other side - well more than
>imply, the first subheading in chapter 2 of the narrator's book is
>Heroquests: Adventures on the other side.
>But what about the various references to HQ on the mundane plane, for
>example the reference in Biturain Varoshes' travels to a Humakti (I think)

The answer is that sometimes people from the mundane world travell to the other side, and sometimes otherworldly creatures travell to the mundane world. Also, sometimes the division between the mundane world and the otherworld(s) becomes weakened and blured.

There are some places in the mundane world that are actualy part of the otherworld. The city of Alkoth is one, The Puzzle Cannal in old Pavis is another and I'm sure you can think of many others, such as your character's local temple for example. Any ritual space becomes part of the otherworld for at least part of the ritual.

The site of the Hill of Gold is a place in the real world (ok, so which hill it actualy is may be in dispute, but it's there). It's also a place in the otherworld that heroquesters can visit. The thing to get your head round is that actualy there is only one Hill of Gold, not two in different 'worlds'.

Is that confusing enough for you?

Simon Hibbs

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