Gloranthan Eclipses, Sea's Invasion of the Land, Sacred Time

From: Mike Dawson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 13:06:36 -0500

Looking at the partial solar eclipse here in the East Coast, I got to thinking about eclipses in Glorantha.

It seems to me that there must be a band of geography in the northern part of the Pent, the Lunar Empire and Rathorela where there is a solar eclipse every day. The moon hangs there all the time, and the sun is higher and further south than it is.

Now, the sun's path varies slightly, so the eclipse band must slide north and south as the seasons change.

And the eclipses would start early in the morning in the northwest, and happen in the afternoon in the east. The areas affected would be smallest in the east and west.

Lunar empire eclipses would happen around noon, and these eclipses would have the largest area, since at that time the moon would be closest to the sun.

Of course, determining where this Eclipse band is would require extensive celestial head scratching to determine the angle of the Red Moon relative to the Sunpath. If the moon is high enough, the eclipses would occur somewhere on Valind's Glacier, or in the outer realms, or even be projected on the Sky Dome. Now that I think about it, at dawn and dusk these eclipses would be projected on the Sky Dome.

Anyone published anything about this before? Nick is usually the big Lunar theoretician....

I suppose the Blue Moon also eclipses the sun once a week, but I'm not sure what effect an invisible eclipse would have. Sounds weirdly mystical to me. The path of that shadow would also be directly over Magasta's Pool.

On another topic, I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on the myth's of the sea's invasion of the land. My HW group, having successfully completed their part of the Cleansing Leap Heroquest (much to my surprise) are now calling on the High Priestess of Zola Fel to visit them at their tower on the outskirts of the Real City. (This is not for a social visit, but to fulfil the final stipulation necessary to break a curse.) Seeing as how she has not left the river since she became a priestess, she is ritually required to bring the river with her. So she and her entourage have to cover about 2 KM of Manside with about a 35 meter rise in height, not counting the tower.

And since Sacred Time is coming up in my campaign, I'm interested in reading others' thoughts on how lesser gods (like Pavis) experience the Renewal of the World.

Happy Boxing Day!

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