Pavic Sacred Time

From: Ian Thomson <>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 09:21:40 +1100

>And since Sacred Time is coming up in my campaign, I'm interested in
reading others' thoughts on how lesser gods (like Pavis) experience the Renewal of the World.

Sacred Time rituals thru the Pavis Cult?

Since he was involved in seeking a major renewal of Green Age influence, centred at least around his own city, and since the cult are now spearheading a drive for a social and economic renewal of the entire Old City, such things are probably extremely important

The only official bit I know of is that aldryami come from the Garden and sing songs to the plants around the Real City to make them grow faster, better and healthier

Green Age rituals, or lesser reflections thereof, would likely be re-enacted at and around the Real City by its residents and by Manside neighbors

processions spreading seeds, resanctifying parts of Manside, making minor pilgramages to places within less dangerous parts of the Rubble...

The object of the rituals I suggest might be to reaffirm the sovereignty of Pavis, thank him for allowing them to survive, and the worshippers pledging themselves to a renewed city

This is just a thumbnail of my ideas


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