Re: Gloranthan Eclipses

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 15:00:08 EST

Andrew Larsen:

<< Does the length of the Gloranthan day vary over the seasons the way the RW one does?>>

      Yes. This has been definitively stated, I believe.  

<< > I suppose the Blue Moon also eclipses the sun once a week, but I'm not sure
> what effect an invisible eclipse would have. Sounds weirdly mystical to
> The path of that shadow would also be directly over Magasta's Pool.

     Sounds mystical to me too. Interesting question. >>

     I don't see how the Blue Moon could eclipse the sun myself - it's further away from the Lozenge than the sun is, IIRC. True, it must go behind the sun every now and then, but given that you can't see it anyway I doubt that that would be terribly significant except possibly in some weird way to the Annillans.

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